Or at least, an awesome cocktail. One which I’m not finding described elsewhere on the internet. Which makes me inordinately smug and happy. Especially given the way this thing came about. Here’s the story:

This evening after dinner – fried tofu coated in basil, oregano, garlic and sea salt, mushrooms and onions, a fairly kick-ass tomato salad with artichokes – I retired for a bit of Hemingway and a drink. It had been an unceasingly beautiful day, with the sun, sky and flowers conspiring to make you feel the world truly was being reborn. Thus my drink of choice recently, tawny port, seemed very much out of the question. Too old, too heavy and woody by far. It was definitely a night for good tequila.

But I didn’t want to dirty another glass, and I already had one with the barest residue of port in the bottom sitting on my desk. So I said to hell with it, and poured a finger of tequila into the port-stained glass. At the first sip, I could taste the difference – a hint of wood, and the slightest additional sweetness preceding the tequila. Just the whispering of a further idea. And my eyes grew large, and I surveyed the bottles in my collection, and with epiphanic clarity I knew what I needed to do. I present, for your mixing and sipping pleasure, the following:

  • Two parts good tequila (preferably a reposado; in my case, Don Julio)
  • One part  tawny port (the port was somewhat cheaper; 10-year-old Porto Morgado from Trader Joe’s)
  • Garnish with orange (I didn’t actually do this, but the drink wanted orange in the fragrance)
  • Stir gently; serve in a martini glass


The combination of floral, spice, and just a hint of wood in the tequila ties perfectly to the heavier wood, fruit, chocolate and earth notes of the port. The key here is not using so much port that you overwhelm the tequila.

Since the liquors are fairly exposed in this cocktail, I think it’s important to have good ingredients. Both should certainly be sipping grade on their own, and the final drink will likewise be for considered consumption. I wouldn’t mix it on ice, but this might be a good tack if using cheaper tequila and port. Also, this might be a variant worth exploring if using a lighter-weight port than tawny.

Part of the fun, though, is that this drink still needs a name. Any thoughts or suggestions?