So, the one thing guaranteed about a blog is that if the author stops writing, people will stop reading.  They may stop reading anyway, but unless you’ve been living Groundhog Day, you probably don’t have a reason to still be looking at Walk Softly.  That should be changing.  And this paragraph is an effort to elicit response from anybody’s who’s RSS’d this blog or set notifications or the like.  If you’re still around, ‘twould be good to know. Give a holler.

But why am I restarting?  Well, basically, because I’m happy again.  Because I don’t look around me and see darkness anymore.  Because I can feel again.  The mire became rather deep last semester, and I sank pretty low.  Low enough to stop writing.  Because for me writing isn’t a life raft.  It isn’t a help in the horribly dry, hard times.  If I feel spiritually dead, and alone, and empty, I can’t write.  It just isn’t there.  Attempts to publish or even journal feel like trying to squeeze toothpaste from an empty tube.  My writing is a reflection of what’s inside me at the moment.  If it’s craptastic, I’m probably having a crummy day – the ingrown, self-referential, groveling kind of crummy day.  If it’s good, I’m probably riding an epiphany or a new outpouring of grace.  There have even been days when I’ve gotten my face fully under the chocolate fountain of God’s love with my mouth open wide and been able to let it pour over my head and get stuck in my ears.  The writing from those days is amazing.  But when my writing is dull, or dead, or creepingly mediocre – when there’s a pasted-on veneer of art over an empty cardboard shell – that’s when things have gotten bad.  I look at unpublished poetry from last fall, and I see that.  This was some sucky stuff.  But I’m not there anymore.  The seasons change, and so do we.  Or perhaps I should say, the seasons are changed, and so are we.

Thank God.  

If you want to get caught up on the details of what’s been going on, give me a call.  I want to hear what’s up in your life, too.  I’ve disappeared from more circles than just blogging…  If there’s anyone reading who lacks my number, my apologies.  But the story should seep out over the next couple months, regardless.  Just bear with me as I get back up to speed.