Those would be the words of my friend CJ, referring to Christopher Nolan’s screenplay Memento. And I couldn’t agree more.

Ashton and CJ were back in town last night, so, post pizza at Mellow Mushroom and hanging out with more BSU people, we acquired a six pack of Mike’s, some gummy bears, sour patch kids and popcorn. And Memento. But (and I should have remembered this) it’s a film that doesn’t really encourage snacking. I made it through the popcorn and a bottle of Mike’s, but attempts at candy were half-hearted. It just didn’t feel right. As Ashton noted, short-term memory loss is only sweet or funny in an Adam Sandler movie.

A random bit of IMDB and Wikipedia-fueled trivia: Christopher Nolan’s full name is Christopher Jonathan James Nolan. “John or James” are the possible names of the suspect in Lenny’s manhunt. There are a couple different ways you can spin this from here (Lenny’s looking for who did this to him, and that would be Chris Nolan; the possibility of writer as protagonist with the antagonist of self; &c. &c.), but mostly it’s just fun finding the Easter egg.

And now I feel minorly creepy for having spent that much time looking for info on Christopher Nolan…